Colored Drawings: The Ring Of Power

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The Ring Of Power


Everyone stares in awe as Sonic uses one of the magical, mysterious power rings on the borders of Green Hill and Marble Zone.

This one wasn't really inspired by anything. I was sitting in Math class one day, and out of sheer boredom I started sketching Sonic holding a ring. It was originally going to be a Chaos Emerald, but the way that Sonic was posing didn't really make sense with the emerald there. Than, I drew everyone else on here and colored it. :)

The reason for the some-what poor quality of the image is because I actually gave this drawing to my math teacher just before she left to teach a middle school elsewhere. I had to take it on-the-spot with my iPhone cam. I tried touch it up with Photoshop Express for the iOS, but did it make it look any better? I donno. :P

Also, yes, it was done on yellow paper.