Shaded Drawings: Merry Christmas 2010

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Real Sonic


Oh, how do I start this one?...

as I went through the long list of group submissions, I noticed a lot of people giving Sonic fur, and it got me thinking: What if Sonic appeared to have REAL fur? or if there was a definite list between what was supposed to be fur and what as not? Clearly that was not the intent of this piece, but it still had me puzzled.

So the next day I pulled out my sketchbook and decided to draw this. I knew that this one was gonna require a full page. Obviously I went the hotdog way so that I could focus on the face more than the body.

The glove was shaded using cross-stitching (AKA, shading over an area twice, both at separate 45 degree angles) so that the glove appeared woven... or, at least not plastic. His belly, ears and muzzle I essentially pillow shaded. I believe those are basically shaved areas on his body, which is why it's pretty simplistic. Obviously, the hair was the hardest part. I spent a bit of time figuring out which way the hair would go, where it would meet, etc. a majority of the lines where made only on the down stroke (although you'll notice I rushed in some places... sue me.)

I think the biggest mistake I made was the eyelid. To be honest, I had no idea weather that should be fur or shaved, or if he should even have an eyelid. the result was a blend between the fur shading style and the shaved belly pillow shade style. Looking at the picture now, it looks out of place.... But, ehh, what can you do? XD