Graphic Design 1: SuperSonic Compound

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SuperSonic Compound


This one was a doozy. I had a week to create a image in my Graphic Design 1 class using a Compound Word and using images related to the word to create a new one. I went a completely different path than the rest of my class and I payed dearly for it.

I chose the compound work Supersonic because of it's relation to Sonic and that no one else would choose Supersonic... except me, of course! X)

The effect I was looking for didn't work out nearly as well as I'd hoped, but that's what you get for doing something so ambitious in ~6 hours.

The images seen here are of characters that have had games with Super in their game library: Super Mario Bros, Super Metroid, Super Bonk, Super Bomberman, the list goes on. Obviously I chose more recognizable characters... that's so I could convey that this image was made up of games with Super in their title without having to spell it out.

Each image was live traced (because of time...), and each image layed together like a puzzle peace by hand (about half of it anyways, copy-paste is your friend!). Than I used the Pathfinder tool to separate where the Super Sonic image and the other images meet, and than changed those that meet to %100 Opacity (again, by hand...)