Graphic Design 2: Packaging


Description: You know those cheap chandies that are bagged and the bag is heald togeather by a folded label and stapled to the bag? Well, this is one of those labels, exept it's a fake one. The bag would have held stuff that I liked, but a real bag was never made.

I know it can be somewhat hard reading that text upside down, so here it is rightside up:

"May contain sugar, spice and everything nice. Or not. May also contain butter, a chicken and an airplane. But maybe it contains a car, or maybe even a pony! What's the name of the pony? is it Pinkie Pie? How about Fluttershy, or even Rainbow Dash? It should be Mightmare Moon. Just saying.

Okay, so maybe there isin't a pony... It's actually Bigfoot. Yup. There's a big foot in this bag. And it smells. Really bad. So don't buy this.


We do not endorse you purchasing this product, unless of course you're paying us for it, than it's okay!"