Games: Clear The Canal

Clear The Canal



Genre: Arcade

Final Build: September 16th, 2010


Info: I was just in Programming 2 months before I was sent to attend Spanish. We were assigned to create a PowerPoint and game related to our assigned mexican country. My country was Panama!

I Thought it would be fun to create a short computer game that could be beaten in only a minute or two (Making it easier to present.) And so, Clear The Canal was born.

There are 12 screens; your goal is to navigate your boat (Taken from Jaws for the NES) through the perilous canal to deliver goods to the western coast. It's a pretty simple premise.

The could was based on jSonic, but applied to all directions as opposed to just left and right.

It's a fun little game that wastes just minutes of your try. Definitely worth a go!


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