Games: jSonic



Type:Concept / Demo

Genre: Platformer

Latest Build: October 10th, 2010


Info: So I'm in Programming 2, and I've been tasked with creating a game using the knowledge taught to us throughout class.

I thought it would be a great challenge to recreate the Sonic physics in Java, so I gave it a go and... well, by the end of the class, this was the result.

The physics aren't perfectly accurate, but they are there. You can gain momentum, roll, jump, hit spikes, kill badniks and jump on springs.

The graphics are actually ones I drew for Sonic CD2. I figured I would try to use them and not leave them to waste.

The down side is, I could never get the logistics of slopes done in Java without making it too slow to be playable, so slopes are left for the ceilings.

I plan on expanding this into a full level at some point.


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