Games: Sonic - A Negative Space

Sonic - A Negative Space



Genre: Platformer / RPG

Latest Build: November 15th, 2008


Info: I came up with an interesting plot that I wanted to incorporate into a game. But I wanted it to be something different.... Something... unique. So I turned it into a Platformer with RPG elements.

This game was meant to be big, but manageable. There were to be 4 acts, with 10 Zones. Thing is though, Zones 5 through 10 were supposed to be alternate versions of the first 5 zones, with varying layouts.

The stand-out feature of this game was supposed to be it's use of sound. I spent a lot of time searching for sound effects, such as lava, fire, voice clips and other stuff. I also tried hard to create branching paths and secrets.

This game, like many before it, was built upon a pre-existing engine. However, I learned and modified the original engine a lot, and you can see that in this game.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. In my case, the Game Maker file got corrupted and I lost about 2 weeks of work (It was a lot!) so I gave up.

There aren't any badniks in here, but the alternate paths, the town and the depth of the stage design is something Sonic Omega only wished it could meet. This one is actually kinda fun, and definitely worth a try.



Original Build 11-15-08 (Re-built 03-21-09)

Download (25.6 MB)

NOTE:The final build has been lost to time. This is the last demo I still have.

Known problems

- Sometimes you will get stuck in a wall after using those speed hoops.

- "Extra Mode" Will glitch out after a few uses. :P