Games: Sonic CD 2

Sonic CD 2



Genre: Platformer

Latest Build: October 10th, 2010


Info: This game has been through a lot. It's been a WIP for over 2 years, having the game redeveloped 3 times and being loosely based on Sonic - A Negative Space. Funny enough, it's STILL not ready for a demo release! But why?

Well, this project is a bit ambitious. I wanted to take everything that made my past games good and combine it into a polished product. Hand-drawn art, lots of sound effects, tons of branching paths, large levels....

But because this is such a large task, the game has taken forever to get to something that can be released. The first demo is about 75% done, and maybe one day it will be released. But for now, you get to look at that single screenshot.


Not Available.