Games: Sonic Omega

Sonic Omega



Genre: Platformer

Latest Build: July 12th, 2007


Info: This was suppose to be my big game, the last one I would ever make. Boy, was I wrong!

It was to have everything: Animated cutscenes, multiple acts upon multiple zones, original music, original graphics... the works. And some of that was accomplished: Zone 2's music is original, all of the zone graphics were done by me, and there was one scene animated before cancelation.

The big problem with this game is within it's blandness. There are no badniks to kill and no real challenge in platforming. The idea was there, but the execution... not so much.

The game is still very much playable, but don't be surprised if you get bored before completing it.

I would like to note that this is where I actually started editing the pre-made engine to personalize it and add depth. It was also the first project I did that got any outside attention.



Original Build 07-12-07 (Re-built 01-30-10)

Download (30.1 MB)

NOTE:The final build has been lost to time. This is the last demo I still have.

Known problems

- Spelling errors

- It is possible to fall into an endless pit and not re-spawn.

- Possible to get stuck in suction tube on 2-1.