Games: Sonic RPG

Sonic RPG



Genre: RPG

Latest Build: June 20th, 2006


Info: I wanted to be the first to do something different. Sonic RPG was supposed to be an open-world game that was only linear enough to have a villain to defeat. How you ended up there was going to be up to the player, but I never got this project anywhere. Why, you might ask? Because I ran into problems similar to the ones I had with Super Sonic Quiz; I had no idea how to incorporate on-line gameplay. The basis was there, but only just barely. I spent a lot of time on this, and came back to it again in 2007 only to hit brick walls every step of the way. I determined that something like this was too daunting of a task for me to do on my own and gave up.



Original Build 06-20-06 (Re-built 1-27-09)

Download (4.84 MB)

Known Issues:

- Can't go past Green Hill Zone area 3.

- It's possible to get stick in NPC Tyson.

- Spelling mistakes GALLORE!

- Signs don't work.