Games: Sonic 2 Upgraded

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Upgraded



Genre: Platformer

Latest Build: June 19th, 2005


Info: Want to REALLY go back in time? Play this game. It was my first game ever, created at the age of 10 while attending a Gamer Maker Class.

Let me make this perfectly clear: THIS WAS THE FIRST GAME I EVER CREATED. Therefore, pretty much everything sucks.

There are 4 Zones, with 2 acts in each Zone: Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin and Casino Night Zone. There are also 3 "Bosses".

This game is good for laughs and pranks, but not much else. Play at your own risk.


Original Build 06-19-05 (Re-built 1-27-09)

Version 4.0 (5.72 MB)

Known Issues:

- Spelling Mistakes galore.

- Infinite Jump

- Getting stuck in objects

- Stalling when walking on ground.

- Passing through objects

- Easy sequence breaking

- too many more to count. :P