Games: Sonic Time Warped

Sonic Time Warped



Genre: Platformer

Latest Build: October 10th, 2006


Info: This was a joint project between me and my friend (whom commonly goes by Programmer online). It was conceived to be a game based on the idea of time, where Sonic would be sent into the past by Eggman to keep him out of his hair. The plot was full of holes, but that didn't stop us. Some saw connections between our project and a fangame made popular just years before, Sonic Time Attacked. So we thought we would make this a "spiritual successor" of sorts.

3 Zones, each with 3 acts and 2 bosses are in this demo: Sandy Beach, Emerald Caves and Snow Mountain. it is one of the most finished fangames I've ever worked on, being about 20% done before cancelation.

It's still a quite playable game, but it's fairly bland and uncreative. If you're looking to waste time though, this should do it.


Original Build 10-15-06 (Re-built 1-30-10)

Download (21.12 MB)

Known Issues:

- On Zone 2-1, there is a loop that doesn't work quite right. You need to jump through the overlapping piece of the loop to continue.