Games: Super Sonic Advance

Super Sonic Advance



Genre: Platformer / Arcade

Latest Build: June 30th, 2006


Info: So, It's Summer of 2006, and being the teenage boy I was, I was really bored. So I go looking through the Game Maker Community forums, and I find a Sonic engine made in Game Maker.

Over the course of about 2 weeks, I put together this Demo. It was really nothing more than a time waster for me. I didn't want all the work to go to waste, so I released it online and offered a prize to whomever got to the end of the game and screencapped it. I can't remember what the prize was...

There is 1 normal stage, 1 special stage and a nearly finished Sonic Plinko (after you beat the normal game.)


Original Build 06-30-06 (Re-built 7-30-09)

Download (13.46 MB)

Known Issues:

- Runs really slow on old computers.

- Sonic Plinko doesn't accurately keep score.