Games: Super Sonic Quiz

Super Sonic Quiz



Genre: Puzzle

Latest Build: March 10th, 2007


Info: Back in the old days of the internet, there were downloadable quiz games that would give you a badge based on the accuracy of your answers that could be put on your forum signature. I was looking to create a Sonic-Themed one, and it was off to a good start. But it didn't take long before others beat me to it, and even if I had done it first, I still had no idea how to give specific badges at the time.

This "game" offers up about a dozen questions, and isn't too hard, but it will certainly test your novice knowledge on Sonic.



Original Build 03-10-07 (Re-built 1-30-10)

Download (4.07 MB)

Known Issues:

- Spelling errors

- Endless loop of the "final question".

- Background eventually scrolls away leaving gray BG