Games: Trapped




Genre: Action/RPG

Latest Build: March 15th, 2007


Info: This was the first original idea that had anything produced. It stars an imaginary species called Cazilions (Not the number!) from another galaxy. There were a select few whom were born with telepathic powers (This idea was BEFORE Sonic 06) This one specific one, Kile, was chosen to fight against a powerful demon that is awakened every 1,000 years.

Anyways, this is just a crappy proof-of-concept with a short cutscene and a stage that was still in development. I thought it'd be nice to share this little idea with you anyways.


Original Build 03-15-07 (Re-built 4-10-11)

Download (1.22 MB)

Known Issues:

- Jumping doesn't work.

- Incomplete level.

- Fight isn't finished. (Press "F")