Games: WALL-E The Fangame

WALL-E The Fangame



Genre: Platformer / Puzzle

Latest Build: February 1st, 2010


Info: I am a fan of Pixar and their films. I loved their film, "WALL-E", the little robot that could. In the credits, "8-Bit" (I use this term loosely)) versions of the main characters moved around. It gave me an idea: What about making a Wall-E Game?

It was a difficult task: The only materials actually done for me was the music and just a few character sprites. I had to make or rip 95% of the stuff I used: The ground, the Sound Effects,, and even the characters themselves. I started with my modified Sonic engine and finished with a fairly modified Sonic Engine that was better built for a Wall-E Platformer.

But even with all those troubles, I managed through, and in the end I had a 1-stage demo featuring WALL-E (I couldn't have done this without the help of my friends at Pixar Planet, though!)

This game has lots of secrets: Hidden lives and items, and even a big secret if you find all the little secrets!

This game is certianly worth a look. The gameplay is fairly solid and can actually be a fun experience.

This game is on hiatus because a loss of interest from the fan community. Demo 1 was released with open arms, but Demo 2 (The current version) was barely noticed, leading me to believe that there was no longer any demand for me to continue.

NOTE: This game was featured in Peach Magazine.



Original Build 02-01-10 (Re-built 02-08-10)

Christmas Edition (14.02 MB)

Normal Edition (14.03 MB)

Known problems

None off the top of my head! (This is a rare occurrence!)