Let's Plays: Bob's Game

Title: Bob's Game: Demo 1 & 2

Parts: 6

Total Length: 00:48:52

Description: My very first Let's Play! No one had done it yet, so I thought it would be unique of me to LP a Demo of a game hated by so many, and loved by few. Please keep in mind that, since this is my first LP, I mostly just read the text and try to talk in different voices, with varying degrees of success. :P



Title: Moving Day

Length: 00:10:30

Description: In this first part, we become familiar with the main cast and some of Yuu's early childhood. :)



Title: Tetrid

Length: 00:09:51

Description: In this second part, we become familiar with the most frustrating (and enjoyable) game yet - Tetrid. And get a surprise visit from Bob!



Title: Ping

Length: 00:08:19

Description: As we enter our third part, we get to see new gameplay footage - including Ping!



Title: Before & After School

Length: 00:07:29

Description: Watch in part 4 as we prepare for school - and wait for Dinner. :)



Title: Ramio

Length: 00:08:49

Description: In the second to last part, We learn Yuu's Family has issues, how to get into your brothers room, and most importantly - Ramio!



Title: The "Final" Ending

Length: 00:03:54

Description: This is an optional extra part you can watch if you want to know what happens at the end of Demo 2. (Trust me, it's not very exiting...)