Let's Plays: Crash Team Racing

Title: Crash Team Racing

Parts: 7 (Since update)

Total Length: 02:06:35

Description: As my 5th LP, Crash Team Racing is more of a compromise between me and the viewers: I get to not play another Crash Platforming game, and they get their new Crash Bandicoot LP! This WILL BE and IS a 100% Run (Since I know I can do that). Enjoy!



Title: Sore Throat

Length: 00:20:01

Description: It's like a requirement for all mascots to have a cart racing game staring them. So Naughty Dog did what any other sane person would: Take an anthropomorphic Bandicoot and stick him in a plot about an alien who wants world domination and have the Bandicoot defeat him by racing. Sounds good to me.



Title: Poptarts

Length: 00:16:18

Description: The life of a Bandicoot:

1) Save your girlfriend who came out of nowhere.

2) Stop Neo Cortex from... Whatever it is he was going to do.

3) Save the world from an alien from another planet by go-karting.



Title: Fireballs

Length: 00:16:01

Description: I wonder how exactly someone would record your time.... Is there some guy following you and pressing "Stop" and "Go" on his stopwatch every time you hit a time crate? If so, he probably has horrible pay.



Title: Pool Party

Length: 00:18:55

Description: Everybody's super Crash Team Racing!

Gotta keep your kart right on the ground,

We're just Super Crash Team Racing!

There's no time to look around!



Title: Jeopardy

Length: 00:19:10

Description: This is Jeopardy!

Let's meet today's contestants:

A Kart Racer from some foreign world: Crash Bandicoot!

A Let's Player who really sucks from somewhere in Oregon: Mygames19!

And our returning champions, the ones who matter most, from all over the place: The Viewers! Who's winnings are currently uncounted.

And now, our host of Jeopardy: Alex Tre....Err, I mean, Classic Team!



Title: Going Gold!

Length: 00:15:07

Description: ...Well, this sure beats Beetle Racing Adventure.



Title: Blue Screens

Length: 00:21:03

Description:Woops, almost forgot I've got a LP that needs an update!