Let's Plays: Bonus: Wall-E (V-Motion)

Title: Wall-E (For the V-Motion)

Parts: 2

Total Length: 00:16:37

Description: So, my mom owns this V-Motion game system for her daycare, and here we are, me, my little brother Jared and my friend Cheez, with nothing to do. I don't remember exactly HOW the topic came up, but Cheez said we should play the Wall-E game on the V-Motion. I than asked if they where okay with me recording, and with a yes, this was the result. I hope you enjoy! Hehehe....



Title: Part 1

Length: 00:08:07


This game really blew me away! ...At how terrible it is. I can't believe my mom spent $20 on this...



Title: Part 2

Length: 00:08:30


Wall-E Is pretty slow for a robot made 200 years from now...