Personal Work: Gamer's Club Poster 2

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Gamer's Club Poster 2


This art piece is the second one I made specifically for my high school's Gamers Club, which I run.

This one was a bit more complicated than it's predecessor. There's a lot more going on between characters, Pac-Man was given his modern design and I added some extra stuff like the T.V. and cords.

The downside to this is that I wanted things to be more accurate. In the original sketch I actually drew Pac-Man wrong, and in editing had to use a reference to get his modern design correct. This, along with more stuff going on, meant it took longer to make.

The upside is, it looks a lot better than the first one. The colors are more varied, the art is more accurate and the characters don't just look like their jumping into the air for no reason :P