Personal Work: Happy 19th Sonic

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Happy 19th Sonic


Happy 19th Sonic The Hedgehog! May you go on for another 19 years or more!

I actually have a little bit to say about this one. The goal was to start and finish it the same day as Sonic's Birthday. It was drawn on paper the night before, scanned in the next morning and I slaved over it for about 5 hours total. Was it worth it? YES.

Throughout the process of coloring the image, I spent a lot of time studying official art, and ended up using quite a few palates from them. However, the longer I spent studying them, the more I began to understand them. It turns out that they're all basically made up of very clever gradient placements. Problem is, I couldn't understand how to do half of them without it taking days on end, so I stuck to what I knew I could do and got it done. In the future I'll most likely be using this style of shading. :)

And yes, the background was thrown in at the last second. I wanted this to get out before Sonic's Birthday was up in my time zone, and if that meant BSing the background, than so be it.